This is it! Weddingflowers

This is it! Weddingflowers

Once again, weddings can be celebrated with beautiful and grand receptions.
Over the last few weeks, we have seen that, in many countries, weddings have resumed and are in full swing, a great difference compared to the last few months when every event was cancelled.
In both France and England there were many marriages, throughout the week and the orders mounted up.

This year, we have seen higher quantities of flowers than before, and products that are more original.
So what is the effect of the virus?
The desire to mark this day, which may have been cancelled or moved from last year.

When it comes time for the celebrations and the party, don’t forget the bride’s bouquet, which is itself one of the essential accessories on the special day.

Faced with all the varieties and options that flowers offer, it’s no surprise that this oh-so-special bouquet has constantly reinvented itself over time.
Today, the trend is for a mix of styles: fresh and dried flowers are combined to offer you a show of textures and colours equal to the event.

With this type of bridal bouquet, you combine the best of both worlds: the delightful fragrance of fresh flowers and the eternal poetry of dried flowers.
Two worlds and a wide choice to be found in our offer, so you can also consider bouquets of fresh and dried flowers for your clients.

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