Looking forward to seeing you soon

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Monday April 12th brings the next stage of the UK lockdown roadmap allowing us all to re-open our doors for trade.

A couple of changes need to take place at the unit to keep everyone safe and the early morning processes running efficiently.

Collection customers can collect from 6am.
If you require your stock between 6am and 7am it will be bought out to you, please remain outside and maintain the previous lockdown rules.
After 7am customers will be allowed into the unit to collect and make selections of stock.

However we ask all our collection customers to order as much stock as possible on the web shop the night before wherever possible.

The 6am – 7am restriction is due to the amount of staff & drivers we still have in the unit working the large fresh delivery from the auction.
After 7am in most circumstances our drivers have left with your delivery stock therefore a more safe/ Covid secure space is maintained for our collection customers.
It’s basically a numbers game.

All customers entering the unit *MUST* wear a face covering.
Only 3 customers will be allowed in at any one time.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and successful re-opening of your businesses.
You’ve all got this and together we’ll have a great start to the spring trade 🌼🌷🌻

Yours in bloom,

The Flowervision Birmingham Team 😊🌻

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