Indeed the dahlia

Indeed the dahlia

A summer essential, with a prime spot at weddings, rich in symbolism and which wears its sparkling petals like precious jewels; yes this is indeed the dahlia.
We went to Valkenburg, in South Holland (Zuid-Holland), where we visited two of our dahlia growers, Koppert V.O.F and Van Zuylen Dahlia.

Greenhouses full of colour and a succession of evermore original forms stunned us with their beauty.
These were not just the products we are used to seeing, but also the new items that will arrive next year and more or less conclusive tests of new varieties.

Did you know that the dahlia is a tuber that originated in Mexico?
When the Americas were “discovered” in around 1800, this flower was brought back to Europe and it was named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, a pupil of Linnaeus.

The dahlia offers an incredible diversity of colours and shapes.
For example, the petals can be round, elongated or rolled.
Everything about this flower is a symbol of luxurious beauty, power and giving.
Find our dahlia offer online every day; the offer is updated daily with the products from our various growers.


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