Grower report: Van Wordragen Flowers B.V.

Grower report: Van Wordragen Flowers B.V.

Head for the production greenhouses of our grower Van Wordragen Flowers B.V.
This grower began production of chrysanthemums in 2003, in modern greenhouses in Bruchem, in the Gelderland province.
They grow and transform spray chrysanthemums over an area extending 4.3 hectares.

Producing approximately 250,000 stems every week, this grower stands out from the others with its range.
They grow no less than 8 types of spray chrysanthemum in different colours.
These varieties can be classified as true “specialties” and one existing variety is regularly replaced with a new edition.
Some of the varieties in the range include Code Green, Kennedy Rosy & Cream, Optimist and Bolte.

The owner, Hein van Van Wordragen, and his team grow their products with a great deal of care and passion. Sustainable agriculture plays an important role in this regard, thanks to the use of biological methods to fight parasites, and the steaming (purification) of the soil.
The grower has all the certifications required to guarantee sustainable cultivation.
Every day, Hein Van Wordragen delivers his chrysanthemums with the compliments of Decorum.
This is because the grower joined the Decorum growers’ quality association in 2021.

Watch the production video here.


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