April: Gerbera in the spotlight

April: Gerbera in the spotlight

New month and thus a new flower in the spotlight. In April, the Gerbera will be in the limelight.
The Gerbera is originally from South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania.
It is part of the Asteraceae family.

Every year, around 900 million gerberas are produced in 600 different varieties in the Netherlands.
Fragrance-free; but in every conceivable colour, shape and size.

This explains its immense popularity.

The Gerbera is synonymous with colour!
The basic colours of the gerbera are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green.
There are also two-tone and multi-coloured varieties.

The beautiful heart of the flower can be black or green.
The colour palette is therefore very extensive.
The shape of the gerbera expresses joy in all its glory: single or double flowers, pompon, spider or even “pasta”. Ask a child to draw a flower and it will likely draw a gerbera!

What is your favorite colour and your favorite kind?

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